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Meet Radical Richard

Richard Murray cannot be trusted at the University of Colorado.

Say NO to Trump Republicans

Richard stands in lockstep with Donald Trump. As a member of the Republican National Lawyers Association, he helped secure President Trump’s nomination victory and supported his judicial nominations.

Largest Tuition Increase in History

Richard claims he will prioritize college affordability and access if elected to the CU Board of Regents, but in 2004, Murray championed the “largest student fee increase in history” – authoring a bill to collect $400 from each student annually for 20 years.

We Can’t Afford Richard

Tuition has increased 260% over the past 40 years and devastated middle class families. Richard’s bill levied a student fee increase despite several other rising costs, including — a 6% tuition increase, a 40% increase in student and academic fees, and for those living on campus, an 8% increase in room and board.

Too Much At Stake

Now he wants to manage the budget of the University of Colorado, which is the 3rd largest employer in the state and has a $14.2 billion economic impact on Colorado families.

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